Attention Vendors – Please Read 

                Thank you for making Maxwell Street Days events a success.  Your past participation enabled many community organizations to continue to provide services to Mukwonago.   In 2014 we implemented policy and procedure to make our event more successful.  The following is an updated and revised statement of those policies and procedures. Please take the time to read them over

Reinforcement of existing rules:

1.         You will be expected to keep your property on your site/ sites. 

2.        There is one vehicle allowed per site. 

3.        There is no parking on what appears to be an unused aisle or site. 

4.        Vendors with large vehicles and long trailers will have to purchase sufficient sites to accommodate everything.  Or in the alternative drop off what they want on site and take the rest out of the park.  Keep in mind that unless you can remove your truck, car, bus or whatever in a timely fashion removing it may become very challenging.

5.        You must enter Field Park through the north gate off NN and exit the park through the south gate onto 83.


6.        Every vehicle entering the park must have an authorized ticket clearly visible on the dashboard, on the driver’s side.

7.        A trailing second car to bring in merchandise must either have a vendor site ticket or obtain, in advance, a car pass at no additional charge.

8.        Second cars are to be quickly unloaded at the vendor site and leave the park immediately.



                Several years ago we implemented the policy of requiring special passes for vehicles that were bringing in items for sale by a vendor.  Prior to that expectation, cars were coming in and simply parking where ever they choose and not leaving.  When we subsequently sold those sites to vendors arriving during the event these parked cars were in the way.  This became intolerable and very problematic.  As a result all vehicles must have a pass to enter the park and if it is a temporary pass and must leave immediately after unloading.  


You are reminded that you must enter the park off from NN on the north and exit onto 83 on the south east of the park.  This is to maintain a reasonable flow of traffic through the park and limit congestion.  In addition we are going to be making an effort to enforce all these expectations so on both Saturday and Sunday you will find we are checking to see that vehicles, trailers, etc. are where they belong, if we find they are not you will have to stop what you are doing and immediately correct the matter.  If you keep your vehicle on grounds you must keep your ticket on the dash of the vehicle, in front of the driver’s seat, face up so it can be read.  If we find this not to be the case and we are unable to locate the owner of the vehicle it is subject to being towed out at the owner’s expense.  If you remove your vehicle from the park then you must keep your ticket at your site, on your person so we can verify you are an authorized vendor. 


We realize that most of you have always complied with these expectations so they will have little if any impact upon you.  Our goal is to have a more vendor friendly event for everyone.  Everyone wants to get in and get set up as quickly as they can so they too can sell their product.  Should you have questions or concerns on any of this please call and leave a message at  1-262-363-1501, so we can return your call or as an alternative email us at  so that we can get back to you and work with you to continue to make this event a positive one for all. 



Mukwonago Maxwell Street Days

Vendor Management Committee




Revised and Issued 1-30-2021